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YouTube Channels To Watch Now

#1 Pocketful of Primary – Productivity

The first channel I recommend is really for all teachers! If you want technology tips, productivity strategies, or if you want to relate to another human, Michelle Emerson is your person. I love that her videos are funny and easy to follow. I have used her tips to organize my Google slides, drive, and all things Google. In addition, I appreciate her back to school tips and I am inspired by her lesson planning. At the time of this post, I don’t think she is not teaching in a public school anymore, but she still presents at professional develop events. I aspire to her business goals and I love her frantic yet organized energy. This is definitely my most watched channel.

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#2 Annie Dang – Songwriting

My goal this year is to get me and my students songwriting more! Annie Dang is a great resource for “real world” music producing as a singer songwriter. She has impressive videos with details descriptions of songwriting apps, she even goes into her process as a songwriter. I appreciate that she talks like a normal person and is fun to watch. If you go on her channel she also has random videos on tidying up, making coffee, and other life things. If you are looking for inspiration, she also covers songs and publishes them on her channel. She just has a great vibe!

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#3 Ramsey Voice Studio – Vocal Coach

Matt Ramsey is all of us. He is someone who started out no being able to sing and now has a great YouTube channel teaching all of us. As a vocal coach myself, I value his perspective and tips. Unlike other voice channels, there is less emphasis on the showmanship and more emphasis on quality material. He does not try to make you the “perfect” voice student or push for any inauthentic sound. He doesn’t shy away from dropping vocal terms and has a great grasp on his voice. I love that he is teaching voice because of his own story. He also does “voice coach reacts” videos if you love those types of videos. I appreciate his humility, humor, and content variety.

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#4 Become a Piano Superhuman – Piano

Piano lessons can be boring…BUT not on Zach Evan’s channel! If you want piano techniques, types for chord shaping, and general musicianship, this is where you should go. Zach gives the energy and then more. He breaks down his videos with visual and auditory elements that are perfect for piano beginners or teachers looking for another way to present content. He focuses on quick wins to keep students engaged in music making. He uses finger numbers to show you where to put your fingers instead of immediately having students try to read music. This is teaching style I like to emulate in my classroom, so his channel has provided me with awesome inspiration.

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#5 Marty Music – Guitar

I know EVERYONE writes about this guy, but it is because he is that good. Marty Schwartz gives you the energy and the detailed tutorials you need to play any of your favorite songs on guitar. I love his visual aides and I think his teaching style is very approachable. Many of my guitar students use his videos when I have them practice on their own. When you have a large guitar class, it is hard to provide each of them with an individual lesson, but channels like this help you supplement your teaching and give students the power to learn more on their own. Check this channel out!

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#6 12tone – Music Theory and Analysis

If you like music theory but you hate learning about it (haha!), then 12tone is the place to go. I love that he differentiates himself by writing and doodling on staff paper to describe various music theory concepts. He uses a cute elephant character throughout his drawings and breaks down concepts in an easy to understand way. The channel also tackles music analysis for popular songs. I enjoy his voice and interesting perspective on common music theory topics.

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And that concludes my thoughts! These are my opinions and none of these channels know who I am. I hope that you also enjoy these channels and can support other creatives in any way you can.

Thank you!

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