About Me

Hello! My name is Alexandra Wright and I am the choral director at Norton High School in Norton, MA. My passion is teaching young musicians to embrace music and become lifelong music lovers. I was grew up on Cape Cod and currently live in Wareham, MA. I live with my boyfriend Taylor and my dog Nora. In my non-music time, I am a distance runner, hiker, and rock climber. Being outside is the best!

I teach chorus, piano, guitar, theater, and yoga. Social-Emotional Learning is integrated in every lesson. I am thinking with my students in mind. Student-Centered Learning is also a framework I am passionate about. I believe that students should be a the front of their learning. They should decide the direction they would like to go with their music learning and I can guide them along the way. I love introducing artists, techniques or styles that a student may not have discovered otherwise.

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